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Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Huge Pay Cut To Play Hoover

by Photo of Erika Fernandez

Leonardo DiCaprio takes a 90% pay cut

Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Huge Pay Cut To Play Hoover

A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio has plenty of films on his resume that credit him as a brilliant actor. From Titanic to his most recent summer 2010 phenomenon Inception, DiCaprio always delivers blockbusters and never disappoints his audience. Less than a day till his new film, J. Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood, releases nationwide, new information surrounding this fall film has been released. 

His vast repertoire of films demands that he receive a standard $20 million per film. The film was made on a $35 million budget and DiCaprio took a pay cut just so he wouldn't minimize the budget. For J. Edgar, he is getting paid $2 million dollars which equals a 90% pay cut. A similar situation occurred during his last summer blockbuster, Inception, because he also took a pay cut because of director Christoper Nolan's budget. But he made about $50 million revenue, hence, making up for the pay cut.

The buzz around Hollywood is that this a Oscar winning film. J. Edgar is a film about a man who was the face for law enforcement for about 50 years for the FBI. But behind closed doors, we see his secrets revealed and who he really is. J. Edgar promises mystery, suspense, and questioning as we see what really went on in the FBI director's life.  

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  1. Norris Keene Jr's profile

    Norris Keene Jr

    November 14th, 2011 @10:52

    Leo is a great actor, and this will pay off for him in the long run. J. Edgar was a racist and a murderer, but the movie should bring some insight to the mystery of the man.

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