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2011 CMA Awards Recap

by Photo of Erika Fernandez

2011 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee

2011 CMA Awards Recap

The biggest night for Country music was on last night on ABC. None other than the 45th Annual Country Music Awards(CMAs) took place last night in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted for the fourth time by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, they delivered a great performance as Carrie's beauty attracted viewers and Brad's charming characteristics engaged audiences. 

You couldn't expect this to be a show without anyone mentioning the drama surrounding Kim Kardashian's divorce. Modern Family star, Eric Stonestreet, asked, "I think you forgot to sing a song about what's weighing on everyone's mind in this room." The hosts throw guesses out there and Stonestreet says, "The divorce of Kim Kardashian's and what's his name." Underwood and Paisley begin to sing about it. 

Surprise appearances were made by Lionel Richie as he returned to the stage and sang three of his songs with country music artists. 

Some fans were outraged about Taylor Swift being awarded "Entertainer of the year." There were people tweeting about it non-stop till this morning. Country music is a huge market in the industry and to see these fans last out about this specific award caught the attention of some entertainers such as Blake Shelton. What's also interesting to note is that she also won the award in 2009. 


Faith Hill closed the show with such grace that audiences probably would've loved for her to open the show. It was such a wonderful tribute to Glenn Campbell. 

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