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John Daly Tries to Re-Enact "Tin Cup" [Video]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After putting several balls in the drink, John Daly decided to call it quits.

John Daly Tries to Re-Enact

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"Tin Cup," the popular golf movie starring Kevin Costner, is a favorite among many people who know the sport.  You don't want to find yourself in the position that protagonist Roy McAvoy found himself in.  On the final hole, he famously hits five balls in the water to blow his chances at the U.S. Open.  But then he holes out with the last ball in his bag

John Daly found himself in a similar situation at the Australian Open this week, but it didn't play out like a Hollywood movie.  Via Golf.com:   

There were magical shots, heart-warming Australian Open storylines ... and then there was John Daly.

Only the serial troublemaker could have overshadowed Tiger Woods, an albatross, a cancer-surviving leader who continues to defy life's odds and a slew of newsworthy performances — both good and bad -- by the American Presidents Cup players at The Lakes.

Daly, a regular visitor to Australia, may have played his last tournament Down Under when he dunked seven balls in succession into the water on the par-five 11th hole and stormed off the course...

Australian PGA chief executive Brian Thorburn joined a chorus of officials livid with Daly's behavior and immediately revoked his invitation to play in the Australian PGA Championship in two weeks.

Here are the videos, via Big Lead Sports.  First is a video from the gallery of Daly sending four of his seven shots into the water.

And here is Daly walking off the course.

It has certainly been a wild start to the Australian Open.  Aussie Adam Scott made a 2 on a par-5 and Tiger Woods is back in contention.  Daly's flame-out wasn't the most important of the stories coming out of that tournament, but it was probably the most entertaining.

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