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Tiki Barber Gets a Job: at RotoExperts

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The former Giants runningback has given up on the comeback and is now a fantasy expert/blogger.

Tiki Barber Gets a Job: at RotoExperts

For those of you who were worrying about Tiki Barber in this bleak economy, you can stop fretting now.  Barber has finally found employment!  Via MarketWatch:

RotoExperts,LLC, the independent industry leader in Fantasy Sports content, announces the addition of three time Pro-Bowler and First-Team All-Pro selection Tiki Barber to its roster of experts. Barber, the all-time leading rusher in New York Giants history and a member of the Giants Ring of Honor, will play an "all-purpose" role for his new team, both as a Fantasy Sports analyst and sports blogger.

"The fact that someone with Tiki's credentials, both on the field and in the media, has joined our team, speaks volumes about the Fantasy Sports industry and more specifically our company's rise to prominence," said Louis M. Maione, CEO of RotoExperts. "Based on his experiences on the field, in the locker room, behind the microphone and in the media, Tiki will bring our readers and listeners unique insights on the world of Fantasy Sports in addition to can't-miss opinionated articles on the world of sports in general. Tiki was a versatile standout performer as a player, and now he will be a well-rounded star as a RotoExpert. He is not only coming aboard as a proven analyst, but as someone who can help us grow our business from an executive perspective. His input will be highly valuable in all ventures, including promotions, marketing and business development."

Oh, that kind of employment.  Barber attempted to make a comeback to the NFL earlier this year but was not contacted by a single team.  I never thought interest would be terribly high for Barber since he hasn't played a snap since 2006.  Barber retired after just 10 NFL seasons to pursue a broadcasting career that some would call a complete failure.   But the fact that he didn't get a single call was surprising.

Going into the season, several teams could have used someone like Tiki Barber.  The Miami Dolphins went after guys like Larry Johnson and Steve Slaton.  The Seahawks were set with Marshawn Lynch.  Several teams now are in a position where they could use Barber.  The Cleveland Browns are using their third-string running back.  His twin Ronde could have put in a good word with Tampa Bay when their top two running backs were out.  Detroit just signed former Lion Kevin Smith due to Jahvid Best's concussion situation.  If Barber had waited a little longer, he might have gotten that call.

I'm sure Tiki will do fine as an analyst/blogger at RotoExperts.  He's intelligent, articulate, and knows the game of football.  Also, he will definitely be the most in-shape worker in the office.

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