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A New Brand Of Theater

by Photo of Sebastian Dupuy

Interactive theater comes to New York in a whole new way

A New Brand Of Theater

New Yorkers are naturally a thrill seeking group of people; just living in this city is a thrill unto itself. Once upon a time, whenever that time was, Central Park, Madison Avenue and the Theater District could could satisfy the imperious urge to explore within any New Yorker. Just when we thought we had exhausted every semblance of adventure in this great city, along comes a variation on the theater experience.
Accomplice is interactive theater on an adrenaline boost. Creator Tom Salamon and his sister Betsy Suffot have masterfully created an experience that is unlike any other. Accomplice is part scavenger hunt part murder mystery and part Broadway show, taking its audience (small groups of no more than ten individuals) on a journey through the streets of the city.
Participants receive a meeting time and location where they are given a dossier by one of the actors that contains a few bits of initial information and clues. Then they are sent on a mission, and are aided by the clues and other mysterious cast members that they will encounter on their journey, while trying to solve the mystery at hand.
This theater-experience has acquired the attention of Neil Patrick Harris who participated in the Accomplace:New York and became an instant fan. "I thought it was the coolest thing ever" said Neil who has since partnered up with Tom Salamon to produce new installments to the Accomplice including Hollywood and other locations. Today you can purchase tickets for Accomplice:New York, Accomplice:Greenwich, Accomplice:London, Accomplice:Hollywood, and Mystery At The Museum; which takes place in the Natural History Museum in NYC.
I personally am going to be getting in on the Accomplice action this month and I hope you all do the same.

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