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'Point Break' Remake Trailer Takes You to the Edge

by Photo of David Berezin

Preview is full of action, excitement, and moral complexity.

'Point Break' Remake Trailer Takes You to the Edge

Of all the remakes out there, Point Break has to be among the most pointless. You know you’ve run out of ideas when you’re remaking a movie about surfing bank robbers. But the newly released trailer for the Point Break remake actually doesn’t look too bad.

The trailer starts with a breathtaking sequence that shows a gang of extreme sports athletes stealing a giant stack of dollar bills from a plane in mid-flight and skydiving out of the plane with it. They cut the stack of dollar bills open, and it falls onto the villagers below.

We then get the movie’s main plot, which finds FBI agent Johnny Utah going undercover to bring these extreme athletes down. But the relationship that Johnny develops with the gang that he's infiltrating, especially its leader Bodhi, makes Utah question his loyalties.

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be because this is the same plot of the original Fast and Furious movie. And with Point Break’s reliance on gravity-defying stunts, I wouldn’t be surprised if producers intend this remake to start the next Fast and Furious franchise.

One thing’s for certain: the trailer is exciting, with shots of surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and even riding motorcycles down mountains. The trailer also has moral complexity, as Bodhi’s gang has a Robin Hood complex of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. 

The trailer for Point Break impressed me with its action sequences and its moral complexity. If I have any critiques for the trailer, it’s that it takes itself way too seriously. This is a film about robbers who are also extreme athletes! You can’t find any humor in that?

Point Break opens in theaters this Christmas. Check out the trailer below:

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