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Zombie Children Attack in 'Cooties' Trailer

by Photo of David Berezin

Comedy-horror film offers a fresh take on the zombie genre.

Zombie Children Attack in 'Cooties' Trailer

Zombies seem to be everywhere these days… not in real life, thank God, but in movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Z Nation, and World War Z. But the upcoming film Cooties offers a take on the zombie genre that might make it worth a watch: in this movie, only children can become zombies.

Cooties takes place at an elementary school, which must be the worst possible place to be in a child zombie outbreak. And even though the adults at the school are immune to the zombie virus, they're still in danger: the zombie children brutally kill adults, including a teacher and even their own parents.

Cooties has a great cast, including Elijah Wood, 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, and Mr. Dwight Schrute himself, Rainn Wilson. It’s funny to see them running away from a bunch of children, and it’s even funnier when they charge at the zombie children with "weapons" like a hockey stick and cymbals.

Still, it’s unsettling that these characters are basically murdering children. I realize they’re fighting to survive, but they still could express some shame and remorse over what they’re doing. Wilson’s character even takes enjoyment in murdering the children, as he gleefully sets a bunch of them on fire.

Disturbing as the premise may be, I admire the film for being inventive. I especially like that the source of the zombie virus is cafeteria food (the lesson: always bring your own lunch). With its satirical and humorous take on the zombie genre, Cooties might even become the next Shaun of the Dead. 

Cooties hits theaters on September 18. Watch the trailer below: 

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