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Ratatat Announce New Album, 'Magnifique'

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

This will be the alt-rock band’s fifth full-length release.

Ratatat Announce New Album, 'Magnifique'

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Last month, Ratatat released a new single, "Cream On Chrome", seemingly out of the blue. There wasn't much context behind it, but regardless, the song was awesome. It left many wondering if the song meant that the fifth album from the group was finally coming.

It is. Magnifique will be released July 17 via XL Records. The new record contains 14 tracks, including one cover (Springwater's "I Will Return"). Maybe this will also mean some Ratatat tour dates in the near future aside from their upcoming festival commitments like Governors Ball. 

Take a look at the track list below, plus the video for "Cream On Chrome" and an album trailer set to the track "Intro" (featuring members Evan Mast and Mike Stroud) that has a decidedly Queen sound.


1. “Intro”
2. “Cream On Chrome”
3. “Magnifique”
4. “Abrasive”
5. “Countach”
6. “Drift”
7. “Pricks Of Brightness”
8. “Nightclub Amnesia”
9. “Cold Fingers”
10. “Supreme”
11. “Rome”
12. “Primetime”
13. “I Will Return”
14. “Outro”

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