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Paul Scheer Recreates 'TRL' With 'Schee-RL'

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Equal parts real and fantasy, these videos highlight just how crazy ‘TRL’ really was.

Paul Scheer has done a lot of great sketch and video work over the years. Recently, he started a web series called "The Arscheerio Paul Show" where he and other actors and comedians would reenact episodes and segments of "The Arsenio Hall Show". Scheer played Hall and comedians like Adam Pally, Eric Andre, Alison Brie, and Seth Rogen would portray his famous guests. Each episode is hilarious and shows how ludicrous some of these interviews really were.

Well Scheer has done it again, and this time his target is MTV's "Total Request Live". "TRL" was hosted by Carson Daly and was insanely popular back when MTV sort of still showed music videos. Scheer dons a wig to play a somewhat clueless, high-on-his-horse Daly during the strange encounters with musicians on the show. The videos, made and released on JASH's "buh" YouTube channel, take some liberties with the actual events, but there is a lot of truth behind the ridiculousness of these videos.

For instance, Eminem and Mark Wahlberg had a pretty tense encounter on their visit to the studio. Mariah Carey brought ice cream for fans and really did take her shirt off and give it to Carson Daly as a gift. This show was so damn strange that Scheer's versions are more normal than what actually happened.

Paul Scheer Recreates 'TRL' With 'Schee-RL'

Scheer got some great comedic talent to help him out with these videos. Thomas Middleditch, Terry Crews, Brett Gelman, Casey Wilson, Kumail Nanjiani, Joe Lo Truglio, Randall Park and Jon Daly. I don't know what kind of recreation Scheer will tackle next, but whatever is, I'm looking forward to it. Check out all of the clips below.

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  1. Sonia 's profile


    January 25th, 2019 @2:32

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