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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: 'Kill The Boy'

by Photo of Jason Hernandez

And let the man be born.

Definitely a calmer episode this weekend, Episode 5 "Kill The Boy" was still filled to the brim with juicy political intrigue and badassery galore. Then things got nuts in the last 10 minutes. Time for the recap!


Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: 'Kill The Boy'

The episode opens with Grey Worm in bandages but alive (THANK YOU!). At the same moment, Dany looks over Ser Barristan’s dead body in despair and anger. Enraged by the sight before her, Dany orders that all of Meereen's Masters be brought to her immediately. Once gathered, she brings them into the dungeon where her two children Viserion and Rhaegal are kept. As she speaks of the duties a loving mother must abide by - such as not abandoning her children - Dany makes it clear that she will discipline them if she must. 

Pushing one of the masters forward as a live example, Viserion leaps from the darkness and chars the man to a crisp. The two dragons then savagely begin to split him up and devour him. Moving on to Hizdahr, he rebelliously resigns himself to a noble death. Dany decides to restrain herself in response, promising to bring them all back for another meal the next day. 

Later on Grey Worm awakes. Disappointed in feeling fear at the sign of death, Missandei tries to console him. However, Grey Worm reveals he was afraid not of death but that he would never see her face again. After sharing a hearty kiss with the handsome Unsullied commander, Missandei goes to serve Dany, who then asks for advice: should she show mercy or kill all of the Masters as a warning? Missandei points out that Dany could always make her own decision as she has done in the past. 

With new confidence in herself, Dany goes to the Hizdahr's cell and confesses to him that she made a mistake about refusing to listen to tradition. Dany agrees to reopen the fighting pits on the caveat that only free men could enter; slavery was not to be reinstated. Before leaving, she then contemplates the need to marry a master as a sign of faith in the people and Meereen's traditions. Giving him a look of mild disdain, she names Hizdahr to be her suitor.

At the Wall, Sam is reading a report of Dany’s situation out to Maester Aemon. As Aemon laments over Daenarys' position, Jon enters to speak with the Maester alone. He comes to ask advice about whether or not he should march with Stannis Baratheon to Winterfell, noting that half the Wall will hate him. The Maester posits to Jon that he will find little joy in his command, but with any luck he will gain strength. Put simply: "Kill the boy and let the man be born.” 

Jon takes his leave and visits Tormund, leader of the Free Folk/Wildlings, to have him convince the others to join their fight. It quickly becomes clear that Tormund believes a similar philosophy as the late Mance; the day he agrees to follow the Crows is the day his people cut his throat. Jon calls him out on his pride. Releasing Tormund from his chains, he pleas that Tormund make peace to save his people. Reluctantly, Tormund finally agrees on the explicit demand that Jon come with him to the tribes beyond the wall as a sign of trust.   

At a meeting of the Night's Watch, Jon fights for understanding and is only met with disapproval. The wildlings and Watch had been fighting for thousands of years, leaving many deaths on both sides. No one besides Sam is willing to side with Jon on this issue. Even his page Ollie, in the front of sage advice about winter’s arrival, is upset about Jon’s plan. 

Transition to Sam and Gilly in the library. As Sam is wooing his boo with his literary prowess, Stannis barges in and interrupts. Instantly recognizing Sam, Stannis mentions how Sam's father was the only person to defeat Robert's forces in the revolution. He also knows of Sam's tango with a Whitewalker and questions how a softie like him managed to kill it. Observing Sam’s bookwormish nature as an asset to aide him in the fight against the dead, Stannis asks Sam to continue his search for killing methods. 

Too impatient to wait for Jon’s return with the wildlings, Stannis tells Davos it’s time to march. Scared of the Lady Selyse and Shireen’s well-being, Davos asks if he should keep a guard at the Wall. Stannis tells him that they’re coming on the trip. With that, the gang packs up, Jon bids Stannis adieu, and Melisandre gives Jon sex eyes one last time.

Near Moat Cailin, Brienne worries over Sansa’s safety as she and Podrick get settled in an inn. It becomes obvious soon after that the innkeeper knows of Sansa's return. Brienne catches wind of this and proceeds to pressure him to send a message, though we are not sure of what it is. 

Within Moat Cailin, we're given a front row seat to a spiff between Ramsay and his lover Miranda, clearly distraught with the news of his marriage. Ramsay proceeds to explain his need to marry Sansa now that he is no longer a bastard but reassures her that there will still be time for play. In the wake of this consolation, Miranda threatens to marry another as well. Ramsay then scoffs at her, bringing up her lowborn status and claiming her as property. They then proceed to have angry sex. They're perfect for each other. 

Outside, Miranda approaches Sansa and speaks with her for a time. Promising to show her something nice, she leads Sansa to the place where the charred, dead bodies of “Bran” and “Rickon” hang. Making her way through the kennels, she inevitably encounters Theon/Reek’s living quarters.

Dressing Ramsay for dinner, Theon confesses to meeting Sansa by accident. Ramsay, in a strange/more-frightening-than-an-actual-punishment showing of “kindness,” forgives him. At dinner, Ramsay toasts to his future wedding, drinking all his cup and requesting more. As Reek comes out to pour their wine, Ramsay tells Sansa of how he punished Theon for murdering her two youngest brothers. After forcing him to apologize, Ramsay remarks that since Theon is the closest thing Sansa has to a living relative, he should be the one to give Sansa away at the wedding. 

Immediately following, Roose announces that he and Walda will be having a baby, sending Ramsay down a peg in the line of succession. Confronting him later, Roose recounts the tale of how he took his mother underneath the tree where her husband was hanged and then chose to NOT kill the baby she presented him once it was born. All as a means of reassuring Ramsay that he loved him and wouldn't replace him. What a loving parent.

Then we come to Tyrion and Jorah, still floating along. Tyrion tries to get some banter out of Jorah… and hopefully some wine. In response Jorah stands, but it is not to fulfill Tyrion's hopes. It is to announce their arrival to Valyria, the Targaryens' ancestral homeland and the location of a cataclysmic event that left the entire empire in ruins. 

Jorah seems to be lightening up as Tyrion recites a poem of its downfall. At that moment, Dany's eldest dragon Drogon goes sailing above them. Enraptured by his majesty, the duo is caught off guard by a group of Stone Men. At one point, Tyrion dives overboard to avoid being touched, but is instead dragged down underwater by a amphibious Stone Man. The episode appears to end, but relief comes with Tyrion awakening on a beach to the sight of Jorah’s pretty face. Without the boat, they soon realize they'll have to start walking. Staring towards the ruins they just escaped, Jorah pulls the cloth from his wrist to reveal that he wasn't as lucky as Tyrion; he got touched and is developing greyscale. Thus the episode ends.


Working its way down from the highs of last week's episode, 'Kill The Boy' brought us some more great insight on several players in this expansive game of chess. The scenes at Moat Cailin were wonderful to watch as Roose tore down Ramsay's cocky demeanor with the baby's announcement and Sansa had a bittersweet reunion with Theon. It was also a great juxtaposition to witness Jon Snow and Daenarys deal with the same problem, struggling to command a resentful lot of people. Though the development shown by various characters this episode was a treat, the preview for next week is definitely tantalizing. Arya's completion of her training in Braavos, Littlefinger and Grandma Tyrell's return to King’s Landing, and Ellaria's move on Jamie and Bronn in Dorne all scream "someone's going to die." I can't wait to find out who it is.

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