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'The Daily Show' Says Good Bye to Samantha Bee

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Jon Stewart parted with another member of the team last night on Bee’s final show.

The Daily Show said farewell to its longest-serving correspondent last night. Samantha Bee is leaving the show to pursue a development deal at TBS, and last night was her final show. As has become customary in recent weeks, Jon Stewart had to part with a member of his team that has brought so much over the years, and it's hard to find a member of the Best F$&*in' News Team that proved as invaluable as Bee.

One of the finest qualities that she possessed as a comedian was her ability to find not only the funny or ridiculous, but to unearth and elicit those funny and ridiculous statements from interview subjects. Along with her husband Jason Jones, there might not have been a better person that could shine a light on the idiotic and often contradictory opinions and belief systems that exist around the country. As you'll see in the "Best Of" montage that the show put together for her that's embedded above, Bee rarely brought anything less than her "A" game and put in one of the best tenures The Daily Show has ever seen.

'The Daily Show' Says Good Bye to Samantha Bee

And here is the first report that Bee filed with the show back on July 30, 2003.

This era of The Daily Show is rapidly ending, and now all we can do is prepare for the biggest goodbye of them all: Jon Stewart's.

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