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Vic Mensa Premieres New Song: 'U Mad'

by Photo of Mehak Massand

Vic Mensa and Kanye West team up, yet again, for another hot song.

Vic Mensa Premieres New Song: 'U Mad'

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The Chicago natives are back together for another joint. After featuring on Kanye West’s “Wolves” alongside Sia, Vic Mensa got Ye to feature on his latest song, “U Mad.”

The song was first performed by Mensa at a Kanye West concert in London on Mar. 3. Mensa performed only the first verse and left fans hanging for the rest of the song. After a little more than a month, Mensa finally released it all.

“U Mad” is produced by Smoko Ono, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Stefan Ponce and Charlie Heat.

Over the horn-heavy beat, with an eerie vibe, Mensa spits two verses, and does the hook (along with the intro), while West spits his own verse in the middle of the song.

The song is full of confidence mixed with cockiness along with some violence, a trait West is known for. Notable lyrics from West include: There go another lawsuit/In court so much, man I should’ve went to law school/Everybody brawlin’, it was all cool/’Til I hit the bartender with the barstool…I feel like MJ, I’m in his shoes/I’m talkin’ Montell Jordan, this is how we do…She ain’t really bad, she a photo thot/I should hire this bitch, she so damn good at Photoshop...

Mensa shares the confidence/cockiness and violent vibe in the song with West. Notable lyrics from Mensa’s verses include: She gon’ be mad right? Ain’t that too bad, right?/Wanna catch that cab, right? Take that bag, right?/I guess that she just gon’ go buy herself that purse, that purse/I guess that she just gon’ go swipe, buy her self worth, that’s cold…Hater, please, let me live my life, swear to God I be trynao it right/But if she bad I might hit a bitch in the elevator like Ray Rice/Uh, y’all pay the price, I pay the difference, it’s just different…

“U Mad” will most definitely be a fire spring joint!

You can listen to “U Mad” below:

You can also watch the other Kanye x Vic Mensa collab, “Wolves” below:

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