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Beyonce Unleashes a New Song 'Die With You'

by Photo of Mehak Massand

In honor of Bey and Jay’s 7th anniversary, Beyonce releases an ode to her husband.

Beyonce Unleashes a New Song 'Die With You'

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In celebration of their 7th wedding anniversary on Apr. 4, 2015, Beyoncé released an ode to her love for Jay Z over the weekend on his new music platform, TIDAL.

Beyoncé performed the loving, sweet serenade, “Die With You,” raw in a video, which debuted on TIDAL. All Beyoncé had was her vocals and her piano playing skills, as she sang in her Michael Jackson t-shirt with a snapback on backwards.

Notable lyrics from the celebratory love song include: I don't have a reason to cry/And I have every reason to smile/I don’t have a reason to lie/When you’re already reading my mind…’Cause darling I wake up, just to sleep with you/I open my eyes so I could see with you/And I live so I can die with you.

The end of the video reveals that the cameraman was none other than her husband, Mr. Sean Carter.

Here’s a look at the video to “Die With You:”

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