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2015 MLB Season and Award Predictions

by Photo of Ankit Ahuja

With Opening Day upon us, we predict major award winners as well the eventual World Series champion

2015 MLB Season and Award Predictions

The 2015 MLB season kicked off last night with the Chicago Cubs hosting the St. Louis Cardinals in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. After an offseason that saw plenty of big names move to different teams, there's a big level of anticipation as opening day arrives. With a nearly full slate of games on the schedule, it's time for CHARGED.fm to make its MLB predictions. 

Before every season, there is a sense of excitement and hope that this season can top last season's. With the San Francisco Giants coming off a great World Series run behind the superhuman efforts of Madison Bumgarner, let's see who will write the next chapter in MLB history. Here is how we see things shaking out.


Rookie of the Year

AL: Carlos Rodon, pitcher, Chicago White Sox
NL: Kris Bryant, 3rd base, Chicago Cubs

Rodon is starting the year off in the minors, but it won't be long until he is in the major leagues. The White Sox think they have a team that is ready to compete, and Rodon is a big part of those plans. He will make an impact regardless of whether he is a starting pitcher or working out of the bullpen. 

Bryant will be in the majors in no time, and he is a superstar bat. He led all players with 9 home runs during Spring Training this year. He will challenge Anthony Rizzo for the best offensive player for the Cubs and be the driving force if the Cubs will make a postseason push. 

Cy Young

AL: Felix Hernandez, SP, Seattle Mariners
NL: Clayton Kershaw, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers

There's a reason he's called "King Felix." Hernandez is the ace of one of the most talented teams in the AL. He will get more run support, and most importantly, he's still a strikeout machine. Expect another big year from King Felix. 

Do not bet against Clayton Kershaw. He is the best pitcher of our generation, and nobody can compare to Kershaw when he is at his best. If Kershaw stays healthy, there really is no debate with this pick.


AL: Mike Trout, Outfield, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
NL: Giancarlo Stanton, Outfield, Miami Marlins

Mike Trout is another guy I do not bet against. Trout is the best player in baseball, and he has improved each year he has been in the league. After finishing second to Miguel Cabrera two years in a row, he finally won his first MVP last season. Trout is by far the safest bet for MVP.

Stanton is the best hitter in the NL, and in my opinion he should have been the MVP last year. He hits for a ton of power, and the Marlins have made roster upgrades that will ease the load for Stanton.

Division Winners

AL East: Boston Red Sox
AL Central: Detroit Tigers
AL West: Seattle Mariners

The rejuvenated Red Sox always seem to regroup after a down year. With a high-powered offense, I find it hard to believe that the Red Sox won't be taking another AL East crown despite major improvements in Toronto. 

The AL Central has been the Tigers' for a while and I don't see it changing this year. Although the Indians seem like they are in position to win, I think the star power Detroit possesses will be too much for anybody in the division.  

The Mariners were within a game of making the playoffs last year. They have retooled their lineup, and their pitching is still great. I think the Mariners are the best team in the American League, and they should win the AL West.

NL East: Washington Nationals 
NL Central: St.Louis Cardinals 
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Nationals are the best team in baseball. They have the most talent and with Max Scherzer on board, the best pitching staff. In my opinion, it is nearly impossible for them to not win the division, especially with the Braves going into rebuilding mode. 

The Cardinals have been so consistent the past decade, and I do not feel comfortable picking against them, There are threats in the Central, especially in Pittsburgh, but the Cardinals will reign again thanks to newcomers like Jason Heyward.

The Dodgers are extremely talented and have won the division the past two years. With a new front office in the fold, I think the Dodgers will win the West again behind their pitching and offensive firepower.

AL Wild Cards

Los Angeles of Anaheim and Cleveland Indians

The Angels had the best record in the league last season, but I expect a little dip this coming season. They will still make the playoffs and face the Indians. The Indians will be a good team, mainly because of their pitching, but I think the Angels will top them in the Wild Card game.

NL Wild Cards

San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins

Two teams that had terrific winters will face off in the Wild Card game. The Padres pulled off a complete overhaul, assembling one of the most talented teams on paper with several blockbuster trades and signings, and the Marlins added to their youthful talent with some veteran moves. The Padres should move on to the divisional round.


Seattle Mariners over Boston Red Sox

The Mariners talent and pitching will be too much for the Red Sox offense. The Red Sox pitching will hurt them if an ace doesn't emerge during the course of the season.


St.Louis Cardinals over Washington Nationals

The Cardinals have been in the NLCS for four straight years, and this year won't be different. I think their experience will guide them over the more talented Nationals, who will have to wait yet another year.

World Series

St.Louis Cardinals over Seattle Mariners

The Mariners' great winter will get them to the Series, but they will fall just short of the Cardinals. St. Louis is such a complete, and the bright lights of the Fall Classic won't intimidate these veterans. The Cardinals will prevail once again in October.

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