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Wale Unleashes a New Song Featuring J. Cole

by Photo of Mehak Massand

With just one day until the release of his upcoming album, Wale puts out a new song featuring J. Cole.

Wale Unleashes a New Song Featuring J. Cole

With the upcoming release of his highly anticipated album, The Album About Nothing, Wale released a hot new joint featuring J. Cole.

In 2013, Wale and J. Cole got together for J. Cole’s “What Dreams May Come Tour” to promote J. Cole’s sophomore album, Born Sinner — Wale opened up for J. Cole. Also, J. Cole and Wale’s albums, were also set to release on the same day (June 25, 2013), but J. Cole changed his date to June 18, 2013 to “compete” with Kanye’s Yeezus. Thus, giving Wale his own day for the release of his 2013 album, The Gifted.

Now, it seems Wale and J. Cole are back together for a song off of Wale’s upcoming album, The Album About Nothing. This album is part three of his mixtape series The Mixtape About Nothing from 2008 and More About Nothing from 2010, along with the continuation of his more recent mixtape, Festivus. The entire album samples the TV show, Seinfeld, (as did the three mixtapes).

The song, “The Pessimist,” samples George Constanza from Seinfeld, where he speaks of his life goals: “My dream is to be hopeless; when you’re hopeless you don’t care, and when you don’t care, that indifference makes you attractive.”

Wale then raps, A n—a feelin’ hopeless/Who am I to change perception?/If a n—a kill a n—a, he’s another statistic/If the skin a lil different, he gon’ say it was self-defense. Wale then continues to touch on other societal issues amongst the black community: What we gotta do to be winning?/Cause all the schools is gettin’ closed. This topic, on the issues the black community face, continues throughout the song.

J. Cole, doesn’t spit a verse, rather he sings on the chorus: Got a pocket full of lint again, but it make no difference to me/Fallin' out with my friends again, but it make no difference to me/Goddamn, I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless/Oh man, I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless/Got no gas in my tank again, but it make no difference to me/Overdraft at the bank again, but it make no difference to me/Goddamn, I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless/Lord knows I’m hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless/But I still pray.

You can listen to the song below:

The melancholy song, produced by Osinachi, along with “The Body” featuring Jeremih and “The Matrimony” featuring Usher, will be featured on The Album About Nothing, due on Mar. 31.

Here’s a look at the tracklist:
The Intro About Nothing
The Helium Balloon
The White Shoes
The Pessimist (ft. J. Cole)
The Middle Finger
The One Time in Houston

The Girls On Drugs
The God Smile
The Need To Know (ft. SZA)
The Success
The Glass Egg
The Bloom (AG3)
The Matrimony (ft. Usher)
The Body (ft. Jeremih)

The album is available on iTunes for Pre-Order.

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