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Cancer Bats Vocalist Liam Cormier Talks New Album Searching For Zero, Gwar + More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Whether you’re in the states or in Europe Cancer Bats are not to be missed when they’re in town!

Cancer Bats Vocalist Liam Cormier Talks New Album Searching For Zero, Gwar + More

Anyone who has seen Cancer Bats live know that they are a force onstage. Even though they are taking the states by storm the band is also gearing up for a huge trek in Europe with While She Sleeps. All of this touring is to spread the word about their brand new album Searching for Zero.

We got to chat with frontman Liam Cormier about the new disc, the trials and tribulations of creating the album and being out on the road promoting it. Cormier also shared his fondness of Gwar and his admiration for the late and great Dave “Oderus Urgungus” Brockie. Check out our interview with Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats below:

Cancer Bats are doing a bunch of shows in the states and then you’re off to Europe with While She Sleeps. How would you describe your relationship with this band and what are you looking forward to the most about touring, especially in Europe?

We've known the Sleeps guys for a while and they're the best dudes. I think these Europe shows are going to be awesome! We’re going to many of our favorite cities that I know every night is going to be a serious party!

Talk about the new album Searching for Zero - what does this title mean to you?

I couldn't be happier with how this record turned out. Now that it’s out, everyone can hear it. We went through a lot to make this album happen and worked harder on it than anything before, so I'm super happy with how it’s going down now.

To me this album really marks a new point for the band. Now being 10 years into playing and still having a blast and writing songs that get us way too stoked.

How was the creative and recording process for you with this new release?

This record we took 6 months to write and work on songs. We really didn't want to rush into just following up our last album with songs that would just end up sounding like a part 2 of Dead Set On Living. So taking the time to push ideas and really come up with a real statement of an album and not just recording more songs so we could just stay on tour.

Where or what did you draw inspiration from, while writing for this album?

We had a lot of crazy things happen in the last year of touring. A lot of close friends to the band passed away, our parent label folded and that mixed with months and months of touring left us in a real retrospective of what we had just come through and where we were going.

What are your future aspirations for Cancer Bats?

We're excited to get out and play all of these new songs with everyone around the world!

With all of these upcoming tour dates, what is one non-electronic item you must have with you on the road? Why?

I love having a skateboard with me to roll around and have fun when we're at venues. Europe is the best because there are skate parks everywhere and you can go rip a mini ramp whenever you want!

I first saw Cancer Bats with Gwar in Brooklyn, what do you remember about the late and great Dave “Oderus” Brockie?

That tour was the first time we had met and he was the first person we met on the whole tour. Dave came into our dressing room day one and I was like "I'm so pumped you guys are on the tour! You're Canadian! I'm Canadian! We’re going to have such an amazing time!"

From there we were buds and hung out every day of that tour. All of members of Gwar band and crew treated us like family and we're still close with all of them. They’re the best people ever.

That show in Brooklyn with you guys, DevilDriver and Gwar was super impactful to me. Did you go to shows as a kid? 

I remember the first time I saw Gwar and it blew my mind! I was 16 years old, living in Nashville Tennessee and my friend got tickets and I got to go along with him and it was the craziest thing ever!

The songs were all ripping and I remember being so soaked with blood that my friends mom was mortified when she came to pick us up. [Laughs] That memory will always stick with me knowing that you can do anything with music and mash different genres and styles together and it'll totally rip! That and nothing washes out Gwar blood.

Check Out the Video for Cancer Bats New Track "True Zero":

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