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EarlyRise Vocalist Orly Lari Talks New Album 'Colors', Covering a Korn Song + More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

We got to chat with Orly Lari of EarlyRise about the band’s brand new disc!

EarlyRise Vocalist Orly Lari Talks New Album 'Colors', Covering a Korn Song + More

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Female fronted rock act EarlyRise have released their brand new album Colors as well as a striking video for the album’s latest single “Safer in Here.” We got to catch up with the band’s vocalist Orly Lari who spoke all about creating the new album as well as working with the talented Takuya Okada on the latest music video. She also dishes on the band’s rendition of a Korn track as well as what she wants for the future of her band. Check out our interview with Orly Lari of EarlyRise below:

Talk about Colors – what does this title mean to you personally?

The past couple of years have been a crazy roller-coaster ride for me personally. I’ve had some amazing experiences, but also went through some pretty rough times. I think all those ups and downs and having to deal with various situations made me discover sides of myself I never knew existed. To me, every song on Colors captures a different emotion. Maybe “50 Shades of EarlyRise” would have been more suitable.

How was the creative and recording process of this new album?

We had so many different ideas and new things we wanted to try when we started the writing process of Colors. We weren't aiming for one specific sound. We ended up writing about 50 demos before narrowing it down to the final 14 tracks. I feel like we successfully managed to combine our different influences and create something new without losing our “EarlyRise” sound.

What an awesome idea for the video for “Safer In Here.” Where did this idea stem from visually and conceptually?

By total coincidence actually. We were looking for ideas and trying to figure out what kind of videos we want for our new album when we stumbled upon this video by the ridiculously talented Takuya Okada. We just immediately knew his work would fit “Safer In Here” perfectly. We contacted Takuya, and fortunately for us he loved the song and agreed to collaborate with us. His video describes the concept and vibe of the song really well.

You also did a beautiful cover of “Narcissistic Cannibal” by Korn (One of my favorite bands). What made you choose this song and this band?

Thank you! Besides the fact that we love Korn, we chose to cover “Narcissistic Cannibal” because we thought it was a great song and really liked the production on it. We also thought it would be really fun to totally change it up and give it our own interpretation.

What are your future aspirations for EarlyRise?

This might sound a little corny, but our fans are one of the main reasons we were able to make another album. We hope our music continues to touch and influence enough people for us to be able to keep doing what we love and are passionate about. We also want to tour the world as much as possible and meet as many fans as we can.

With the new album comes a heap of touring. While out on tour what is one non-electronic item you must have with you on the road? Why this item?

My iPhone counts as a non-electric item, right? Tough question. I’d say either a notebook for writing, or my Leatherman, just because there's nothing you can’t do with that thing…and just in case Raz [Klinghoffer] (EarlyRise guitarist) tries to choke me in my sleep.

Pick up the new album Colors via iTunes.

Check out the video for EarlyRise’s New Track “Safer in Here” below and for all of your tickets to rock concerts be sure to check CHARGED!

EarlyRise “Safer in Here” Video:

EarlyRise Cover of Korn's "Narcissistic Cannibal":

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  1. Jeaf Faecebooke's profile

    Jeaf Faecebooke

    March 25th, 2015 @8:42

    love ♥ earlyrise

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