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Empire - Season 1 Finale Recap Part 2

by Photo of Mehak Massand

The double episode season finale of Empire was full of twists and turns. Check out Part 2 ‘Who I Am.’

Empire - Season 1 Finale Recap Part 2

Now, the second part of the season finale: Episode 12, “Who I Am,” is full of revenge.

The episode begins where the last left off: Cookie’s attempt to murder Lucious failed — she just couldn’t do it.

Then, Lucious brings his family together and gives each a gift. With each gift, Lucious makes an attempt to “forgive” each of his sons and move on (and also hope to get their forgiveness in return even though he says, “I’m not asking y’all to forgive me”). 

Through Jamal’s gift, he reveals that he made Jamal the Vice Chairman of Empire, which ultimately upsets everyone, except Jamal. 

He also tells the family that he just found out that he’s not dying of ALS and lets them in on what’s really wrong with him. And upon hearing this news, everyone but Jamal is upset about it, too. Oh, and he gave Cookie a gift too — a pillow (to let her know that he knew about her attempt at murdering him).

Then, Rita Ora makes an appearance.

While Rita Ora rehearses, Lucious calls Jamal into his office to talk, where he tells the new VP about Cookie’s attempted murder (and shows him proof — turns out Lucious had Malcolm put cameras in each room, so he got the murder attempt on camera). 

This upset Jamal, and put Jamal and Cookie on two different sides. Cookie tries to tell Jamal that Lucious killed Bunkie, and would kill anybody, but Jamal was too confused to see the truth. Plus Lucious quickly buzzed in security to get Cookie taken away, she told him: “watch ya back, baby!” (He is so slick.)

Then, the feds “kidnap” (that’s kind of their way of being secretive about things) Cookie and try to get her to snitch on Lucious (about Bunkie’s murder). They tell her that they have a key witness (who happens to be Vernon, as we find out later on), but she still doesn’t give in.

In the meantime, Vernon is back from wherever he had gone, and tries to apologize to Lucious? My guess is for being vindictive in Episode 10, but Lucious cuts him off and he puts Vernon back on his duty to stalk Cookie.

In the next scene, it is revealed that Anika and Hakeem are still speaking to one another. And Anika gets Hakeem into the notion of a “hostile takeover” — to fight for Empire, alongside Andre.

Then during a press conference, Patti LaBelle makes a guest appearance, while Jamal is pegged at for being a homosexual by one of Empire’s stars — Black Rambo. This later leads to the two having a rap/signing battle, where Jamal shows him who’s boss.

While Hakeem gets his shape-up fixed, he manages to talk his mother, Cookie, into the hostile takeover too. Then, Anika, Cookie, Hakeem and Andre all meet up to discuss what they plan on doing, but Cookie and Anika turn Empire into a mini reality show and get a bit physical.  This was definitely something that us fans have been waiting for since Boo Boo Kitty and Cookie first met. But they do eventually get past the fighting and speak on how the hostile takeover is going to happen.

This conversations happens through some rich white dude, Tony Trichter, also known as Tricky Trichter because apparently he’s the best at hostile takeovers. They plan on getting him to buy into Empire through the signing of his grandson who happens to be a rapper (even though he’s a TERRIBLE rapper…)

Then Cookie confronts Vernon about the death of Bunkie and Vernon admits that Lucious is the one who killed Bunkie. He then asks, “What happened to us, Cookie? I raised your sons, Bunkie was my brother and Lucious…Lucious was my hero.” 

Then Vernon goes to visit Andre, and they get into a physical brawl as they did in episode 10, but this brawl gets out of control because Andre’s little wife butts in and tries to “defend” Andre (I mean, it was SO obvious that they’d stop fighting eventually, her interjection was beyond unnecessary) and in the process, ends up killing Vernon. 

It’s so sad, because she doesn’t even let Andre call the police! All so she could safe herself. Oh, and in the process of distracting Andre from calling the police, she tells Andre that she’s pregnant. Like, perfect timing, huh? Pfft.

In the meantime, Cookie tries to talk to Jamal, she tells him, “No matter what’s going on between me and yo daddy, I got you.”

Then, Lucious takes Empire to the New York Stock Exchange (he attempts to wait for Vernon, but Andre slyly says, “Maybe he fell of the wagon, again,”) and with that Lucious proceeds to make Empire a publicly traded company.

After making Empire public, Lucious gets ready to perform on stage for the first time in a long time during his tribute concert. But just in time the greatest plot twist occurs — Lucious gets arrested for the murder of Bunkie. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Lucious finally gets what he deserves. 

He suspects Cookie to be responsible for his arrest, and Jamal does too. Oh! But right before the arrest, Lucious Lyon tells Jamal that his real name was Dwight Walker during another heart-to-heart conversation where Lucious apologizes for his cruelness to Jamal, shedding some crocodile tears. 

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jamal performs for Lucious since he gets arrested right at the time of his performance). And as Lucious is being walked into the police car, he passes Andre and Hakeem, while Becky (his assistant) tells him that tabloids claim that his arrest was a part of a “hostile takeover." He looks at Andre and says, “Really?” So we kind of end on a “who really did this to Lucious” note… Along with a little preview of Empire without Lucious around, where honestly, everyone seems to be doing GREAT.

The season ends with Lucious behind bars saying, “You may think you’ve gotten away with it, but don’t fool yourselves; this is only the beginning. See, the streets couldn’t defeat me, disease couldn’t stop me, even God can’t kill me. The day will come when Lucious Lyon will return. Game time, bitches.”


You can catch the season finale episodes here. Check out our recap of the first part here.

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