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Empire - Season 1 Finale Recap Part 1

by Photo of Mehak Massand

The double episode season finale of Empire was full of twists and turns. Check out Part 1 ‘Die But Once’

Empire - Season 1 Finale Recap Part 1

The two hour roller coaster ride of Fox’s Empire has just left fans dying to know what’s going to happen next.

The season finale was a combination of two episodes - episode 11: “Die But Once” and episode 12: “Who I Am.”

Episode 11, “Die But Once,” was full of twists and turns. The episode begins with Lucious struggling to write new songs for his tribute concert, which is when he realizes he needs Cookie to help him. Now, Cookie is M.I.A. (she’s actually up in the Berkshires with Malcolm, but Lucious doesn’t know that, yet). Lucious' spoiled ass getting aggravated because nothing is working out the way he wants it to. Also his vision is getting impaired — he’s seeing double.

After getting frustrated with his writer’s block, Lucious decides to put the music writing aside, and focus on his plans for Hakeem’s pre-release party with Snoop Dogg as a guest star. Lucious is still in his little fantasy world, where everything is all perfect and his family will still be by his side for his death. In reality, Andre is still pissed at Lucious and is steady trying to get in touch with God through his musical therapist (Jennifer Husdon).

Hakeem is also still pretty pissed off that Lucious paid Camilla off. Jamal got his own album release party to attend to and Cookie is away in a romantic getaway with Malcolm (where Cookie admits to Malcolm, that Lucious is the only man she’s ever been with!) P.S. this is also around the time when Lucious is given some official document, which turns out to be an injunction Billy Berreti slaps Lucious in the face with. (Uh oh, looks like there’s some more legal drama going on between the two business tycoons…)

After Cookie and Malcom get their little sexy on, it’s time for Lucious to get his shots. He tells his nurse that he’s fine aside from the “stupid double vision,” and the nurse then says (after Lucious is out of earshot) “that’s weird, double vision isn’t usually associated with ALS.” — GASP! —

Meanwhile, Jamal has a heart-to-heart moment with a fan during his album signing, where his fan tells him how Jamal inspired him to come out to this brother! Aww, Jamal’s out here being a real role model and inspiration!

The scene switches to Hakeem’s release party, where Snoop Dogg performs his new single, “Peaches N Cream,” and does a freestyle and gets Hakeem on stage to do a freestyle too. This is where a whole lot of drama unfolds. In Hakeem’s freestyle, Hakeem raps: "Look, ayo they call me Hakeem/What’s poppin’ fellas, way I spit it/I even make my daddy jealous/Y’all think he got the power?/Woo, shame the devil/That poor fool can’t even keep his family together/They say that he the king/Well I’m the prince/I’ma run the Empire and leave with ya bitch/I’m gone." OOHHH! SHOTS FIRED!

And right after Hakeem leaves the stage, Lucious punches Hakeem right in the mouth. Ouch. Hakeem then retaliates by spitting his bloody-salvia on Lucious’ feet. Ick.

Jamal and Hakeem then have a heart-to-heart where Jamal expresses that he’s not all that pissed at Lucious, admitting that they have issues, but he doesn’t let it get to him. Meanwhile, Hakeem decides that he’s going to leave Empire and sign a contract with another record label (since he never signed any contracts with Empire), claiming that Lucious “think he own us.” So Hakeem decides that he's going to go over to Berreti and sign with Creedmore (mainly to get back at Lucious, obviously).

Now, the next scene is when Cookie’s little secret relationship with Malcolm is revealed to Lucious, all thanks to Porsha and her big ass mouth.This breaks Lucious’ heart. (I know right, can you believe that he actually has a heart?! Although I’d like to believe that really it was his ego that was crushed…)

This is when Cookie comes back to the Empire only to find out that Lucious has kicked her out: he tells her to “leave the premises,” and when he says, “You expecting you’re little boyfriend come running to your rescue? You’re outta here.” 

Cookie breaks it down as she says, “Aww, is that what this is about? You’re jealous, Lucious? For real? After everything you’ve done? You think you still own me? You are sick.” To which Lucious responds: “No, you are not a part of my company; my attorneys have assured me I don't owe you a damn thing. Now, leave.” 

Then Cookie reminds him that she’s on the “Board of Directors,” but Lucious tells her that Andre knew the minute he made that deal with her, that a “convicted felon can never serve on a board of publicly traded company.” 

Cookie goes in for the kill: “You’re on a dark path Lucious, You’re going down. I’m not gon' let you take my company with you; 17 years BITCH…Everybody’s just waiting for you to die, Lucious; you gon’ die a lonely man, just like you deserve. You gon’ need Cookie; watch what I say. I build this; this is MY company!

As Cookie is clearing out her office, her sweet little boo comes in and offers her to move to DC with him so he could “take care of her.” BUT she politely declines, saying, “I can’t; I can’t leave all of this — I worked too hard; I can’t.” Poor Malcolm, he can’t even be with the woman he loves because Lucious’ possessive ass won’t “allow” it.

In the next scene, Lucious tries to win Andre back by “persuading” him that although he won’t get Empire, he plays a “vital role” in Empire Entertainment, and he needs Dre by his side. But that all backfires because Andre sees Jamal all over a magazine, calling him “the future of Empire.” So Andre proceeds to try to talk to Lucious about his inner voids (his lack of talent, really), and how God is filling that void that was previously filled with darkness. 

But just at the name of God, Lucious’ ego butts in and Lucious starts talking about how “there’s no higher purpose than being a maker of music — that’s the voice of God.” *Rolls eyes* Honestly, Lucious’ ego makes me sick. Then, after Andre leaves, Lucious decides to actually “pay attention” to the magazine with an article on Jamal, which then gives him an idea…

Lucious decides to visit Jamal at his album release party, and talks to Jamal about his writer’s block. Jamal, being the kind-hearted son who just wants his father’s love and approval, helps Lucious by taking him back to their old crib, despite Lucious’ disgusting homophobic remarks and reminders of the horrific events that Jamal went through at that house (I’m talking about the garbage can scene I spoke on in my last Empire recap). 

Despite the constant homophobic tension between the father and the son, the two actually bond over a song! And Lucious actually tells Jamal that he believes that Jamal really is the “future of Empire.” Wow, look who’s “overlooking” his homophobia for the good of his company… BUT Lucious also triggers the “monster” in Jamal by saying, “I just need to know that you got that monster in you that does what he has to do” (referring to getting Jamal to “handle” the whole Berreti situation.) Ugh, Lucious is so manipulative!

So, Jamal ends up heeding Lucious’ “advice” and threatens Berreti by holding him over a cliff, and forcing him to sign some contract to turn over the rights to Lucious’ masses and perpetuity.

Then, as Lucious begins to look for Hakeem, he finds Anika and Hakeem hooking up. Guess Hakeem is taking his revenge against his daddy to the next level (although it really seems like Hakeem has a thing for older women…)

The next scene is when Lucious and his doctor have a conversation about the fact he Lucious has actually been misdiagnosed, and he doesn’t have ALS. Turns out he has myasthenia gravis (MG), which has mirroring symptoms to ALS (although it’s completely different). And the one key symptom that separates it from ALS is double vision. And it also turns out that MG isn’t fatal — it’s chronic, but treatable. (Just when you can’t wait ’til Lucious dies, you’re given the ultimate plot twist… Sigh.)

Lastly, Lucious tries to destroy Andre’s new “obsession” (if you will) with Michelle and her Godly ways by signing Michelle to be a gospel singer for Empire, which Michelle gladly accepts. Andre tries to warn her, telling her that she’s making a deal with the devil, but Michelle ignores him. 

Then Jamal and Ryan hook up in Lucious’ office, (HAHAHA) talk about revenge being oh so sweet. 

And Lucious falls asleep and begins to hallucinate about Bunkie — which is when Cookie walks in, and finds out that Lucious killed Bunkie (her cousin) because Lucious was talking in his sleep and that he’s not even dying of ALS. Like any good woman, she makes an attempt to suffocate Lucious in his sleep. Looks like Cookie’s getting quite revengeful, huh? Guess that’s what loving an egotistical, selfish and manipulative man does...

Check out our recap of the second part of the season finale here! The juicy details continue!

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