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Jamie Foxx Releases a New Song

by Photo of Mehak Massand

Jamie Foxx releases a new heartfelt, but sensual song featuring Chris Brown.

Jamie Foxx Releases a New Song

In this article…

Singer and Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx dropped a new song featuring Chris Brown titled “You Changed Me.” The track is produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz. It has a great R&B sound; a mix of hip-hop beats with R&B vocals.

“You Changed Me” is about a girl Jamie Foxx is clearly head-over-heels for, trying to show her that she’s the only girl he really wants and that she made him monogamous. Some lyrics include, "Said I’d never settled down/I’m with you girl, look at me now/Cause you changed me baby"

It’s a sweet, upbeat, love song, and Brown's verse just makes it better; he improves the song by adding some freaky lyrics, creating more sex appeal to the song (adding to the sexy allure of R&B).

Brown sings, You know what I’m missin’, fiendin’ for your kisses/All night on my phone, when you talk I listen/Sexin’ all in the kitchen/Breakin’ all of these dishes/Your crib or my bed, it don't make a difference/I’m lickin’ on your body girl, I’m feelin’ on your booty/Now you really wanna do the nasty/Girl, I love it when you get on your knees; you make me disappear like magic/Girl, you don't even know/ All the b*tches I let go for you.

Chris Brown channels his inner R.Kelly on this track!

You can listen to the song here:

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