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Deron Williams needs his "Call of Duty"

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Besiktas point guard is looking all over Turkey for the popular game and needs some help.

Deron Williams needs his

Deron Williams has been in Turkey since early September, and things are going alright for him.  He led his new team, Besiktas, to a win in his debut.  The team has performed well since then, and all seems well for Williams.  Except for one thing:

Deron Williams Any of my Turkish Tweeters no where I can get Call of Duty Black Ops for XBOX I have been to like 10 stores and none of them have it? 25 Oct

Deron Williams needs his "Call of Duty" fix and he needs it soon.  We discovered last year that Williams was addicted to the game:

Deron Williams couldn't care less about his character in "NBA 2K11." You won't find him playing "Halo," "Madden" or "Red Dead Redemption," either.

"I actually don't play any new video games except 'Call of Duty,'" Williams tells me. "I'm addicted to 'Call of Duty.' It's the only game I need."

Now Williams needs the newest version, but can't seem to find it anywhere in Turkey.  What will he do to kill time between games?  How will he blow off steam after a loss if he doesn't have the newest "COD" to fool around on?  In a foreign country, Williams needs all of the familiarity he can get.

Well good news might be on the horizon for Williams.  There were several signs of optimism concerning the CBA negotiations between the players and the owners.  If a deal is reached soon, Williams could return to the States where he would have no trouble at all getting his hands on the game.  But Williams is keeping his guard up.  He tweeted this yesterday:

I will believe the Lockout is over when its over The reports sound good Its like as a kid expecting something on X-Mas and then #BrokenHeart

I think we all know what Deron Williams wants as an early Christmas present: "Call of Duty: Black Ops!"  And an end to the lockout.  That's a very close second.

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