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Are Tickets Hinting That the NBA Lockout is Close to Finally Being Over?

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

Signals from ticket brokers and team ticket salespeople hint that the NBA Lockout is almost over

Are Tickets Hinting That the NBA Lockout is Close to Finally Being Over?

Does the ticket world know something that we don't? CHARGED received two big signals from the ticketing world that the NBA Lockout is nearing an end.

First, for those not aware, in addition to being a magazine that brings you the real stories from the lockout, CHARGED is also a ticketing platform. As part of that platform, the site receives pushes from secondary ticket sellers for "popular events." Thus far, none of these have included NBA tickets. That all changed today when NBA tickets from Ticketmasters' TicketsNow filtered into our system. If you look at the image above you can see the NBA season tickets that came in today.

Secondly, a source that used to have season tickets for a number of NBA teams, informed us that he received his first ticket renewal call since the lockout began. A member from the ticket sales staff of a Western Conference team called him today about renewing his tickets. Was the ticketing staff told to ramp up renewal efforts because they had inside information that the lockout was ending soon?

At this point both pieces of information are circumstantial and purely speculative. However, given how dormant the NBA ticket market has been since the lockout began it is difficult to just chalk up both these events today as a coincidence. 

As is normally the case in sports, money holds all the answers and in this case the money says we will have an NBA season shortly.

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