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LSU's Honey Badger Suspended for Getting High?

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

Star cornerback Tyronn Mathieu is among three LSU players suspended

LSU's Honey Badger Suspended for Getting High?

LSU cornerback and the only defensive player in the Heisman discussion, Tyronn Mathieu, is one of three Tigers suspended for their upcoming game against Auburn. Mathieu, who has earned the nickname "The Honey Badger" might have a sweet tooth as a result of the munchies.

Mathieu along with cornerback Tharold Simon and starting running back Spencer Ware are reportedly suspended for failing a random drug test. The LSU student paper, The Reveille, has been all over this story.

LSU sophomores Spencer Ware and Tyrann Mathieu will be suspended for Saturday's game against Auburn after reportedly failing a drug test, a source told The Daily Reveille on Wednesday.

The suspensions could turn into multiple-game suspensions as well.

LSU head coach Les Miles has remained quiet and did not confirm the suspensions at a press conference yesterday.

"I certainly understand the interest surrounding what seems to be news," Miles said. "The problem with that news is it's internal discipline and internal function of a team. I'm not inclined to be forthcoming with information. I'm not reactionary to the needs of the media and things external to  us."

LSU were heavy favorites against visiting Auburn. Most sports books had LSU at -21 but it will be interesting to see if that changes with these suspensions. It certainly will be tougher for LSU minus their defensive star and starting running back. 

However, even with the players suspended LSU has enough talent that they should be able to beat Auburn. If they lose, their national title hopes will take a blow making it one costly puff for the players.

If you did not know why Mathieu was named the Honey Badger, it is based on this viral YouTube video below:

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