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There was a Goonfest in Beantown

by Photo of Tommy Dee

In between a few brawls, the Bruins and Hurricanes played some hockey

There was a Goonfest in Beantown

With all the talk of an NBA season possibly being on hiatus for a while, ironically, the NHL may benefit from fans looking for some action. The NHL lost some fans after they decided to take an entire year off while restructuring the entire league's system as some NBA owners are hoping occurs during this NBA work stoppage.

Oh, shut up and show the fights you say? No problem. But beware of flying liquor bottles.

Via The Big Lead

The action started in the second period when a skirmish broke out and we were almost treated to our first goalie fight of the season! So close! We had to settle for Zdeno Chara sucker punching Jay Harrison and then confronting Cam Ward. Classic Chara. When the dust settled, 7 total penalties were called and the Bruins penalty box was crowded.

By the way in case you were wondering, Carolina won the game 4-1.

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