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Did Adam Schefter Sit on Carson Palmer Trade Info?

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

A tweet from the CEO of Rocklive says that Shefter did.

Did Adam Schefter Sit on Carson Palmer Trade Info?

The news of Carson Palmer's trade to Oakland was broken this morning, but apparently it could have been broken last night.  Via Big Lead Sports:

[John Shahidi, CEO of Rocklive] tweeted this morning that ESPN’s Adam Schefter knew about the Palmer trade last night but he “stayed silent to protect CP and the deal.” Shahidi then quickly edited his tweet to remove the part about protecting Palmer. But not before others – like ESPN’s Jerry Rice – retweeted it.

How or why the CEO of RockLive would know about the Palmer-to-Oakland deal is a mystery – and how would Shahidi know that Schefter knew? – but perhaps Adam Schefter will shed some light on the situation. It’s a pretty surprising allegation, but I’m sure Schefter has a reason he sat on this story. What’s he “protecting” Palmer and the Raiders from? And why’s he protecting Palmer and the Raiders in the first place?

All are valid questions.  ESPN and their slew of reporters are in the business of trying to break stories like this, but if Schefter did know about the trade and held back, it would be very interesting to learn why he did so.

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