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NBA 2K12 Player Ratings Released

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The popular video game comes out in a week. How did the players get rated this year?

NBA 2K12 Player Ratings Released

2K Sports will release their latest basketball offering, NBA 2K12, on October 4th.  The player ratings for the top players have already been revealed, though.  A video that goes through the entire league can be found here  Unfortunately, this and some exhibition games might be the closest fans come to actual pro basketball for a little while unless something happens quickly.  There are a few surprises on the list, so let's go through the ratings.

- LeBron James is the highest-rated player in the game with an overall rating of 98.  I'm surprised that his 4th quarter rating of 49 didn't bring that down just a little bit.  His teammate, Dwayne Wade, comes in second with a 96 rating.  The third wheel, Chris Bosh, is just an 80.  That sounds like a Big Two and Chris Bosh just hanging out. 

- Kobe Bryant has a 94 rating to lead the way for the Lakers.  Only nine players had a rating of 90 or above.  The rest: Dwight Howard, 93.  Chris Paul, 93.  Derrick Rose, 92.  Kevin Durant, 92.  Carmelo Anthony, 91.  Deron Williams, 90.  Williams, of course, has a rating of 100 in Beskitas 2K12.  I have only found a bootleg version of that game.

- Amar'e Stoudemire and Russell Westbrook each have a rating of 88, but if you choose to play with Wesetbrook, the pass button doesn't work in the fourth quarter.  And Stoudemire keeps his high rating due to his fine-tuned diet.

- NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki has a rating of just 85, equal to players like Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala while lower than players like Rudy Gay (86) and Pau Gasol (86).  Cyber Dirk is cool with it, though.  He knows it's just a silly arbitrary number.

- Steve Nash remains the game's top Canadian player with a rating of 84.  Joel Anthony is patiently waiting in the wings.

- Rajon Rondo officially takes over the reigns of the Big 4 with his 85 rating.  Kevin Garnett (83) Paul Pierce (82) and Ray Allen (80) all must do whatever Rondo tells them to do on the court in the game, even when he is on the bench.  He is that powerful.

- Wilson Chandler is rated at 80, but that was before he signed his contract to play in China this season.  There's no telling what his time in China might do to his rating.

- None of this year's rookies made it into the game, but Ricky Rubio is there.  He rates at a 67.

- Other Notables: Tim Duncan, 84.  Josh Smith, 84.  Monta Ellis, 83.  LaMarcus Aldridge, 83.  Zach Randolph, 83.  Joakim Noah, 82.  John Wall, 82.  Kevin Love, 81.  Al Jefferson, 81.  Tony Parker, 80.  Al Horford, 80.  Tyreke Evans, 80.  Stephen Curry, 80.

- And the lowest-rated player in the game is... Brian Scalabrine with a 40!  Congratulations on the wonderful distinction.

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