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Ozzie Guillen Out as White Sox Manager; Traded to Marlins?

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Despite winning the World Series in 2005, Guillen will not coach the White Sox anymore.

Ozzie Guillen Out as White Sox Manager; Traded to Marlins?

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After Ozzie Guillen and the Chicago White Sox were unable to agree on a contract extension yesterday, his request to be released from his contract was granted. Reports indicate that Guillen is likely headed to the Florida Marlins, as part of a rare trade involving a manager.

Via MLB.com:

Guillen is expected to be named the next manager of the Marlins, possibly as soon as Wednesday. Marlins manager Jack McKeon announced earlier Monday that he will retire when the season ends. Guillen had prepared a statement for his blog, "Ozzie Speaks," in the event that a deal with the Marlins became official, but that has not yet happened. The post was inadvertently published for five minutes late Monday night.

"There is something in place in the event that one particular team gets him," said White Sox general manager Ken Williams of the potential return for Guillen. "But he's free to negotiate with anybody. He's free to talk to anybody at this point and time."

Guillen's relationship with Williams has been deteriorating and the two intense personalities have publicly clashed numerous times, even when the White Sox have had success. Chicago won the World Series with Guillen in 2005, but he appears to have overstayed his welcome. This is not unusual for loud, energetic managers. These coaches tend to have big positive impacts, but lose their effectiveness long term. In the six years since the World Series victory, the White Sox have finished better than .500 three times and made the playoffs just once. Chicago went 678-617 during Guillen's eight-year tenure. The Marlins seem to be a perfect fit for Guillen, as they are a young, talented team that needs to be pushed to the next level. The question is whether Florida is ready to compete right away. The health of ace Josh Johnson will be crucial for their chances in 2012. But if there's one man who can get the most out of Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, and Logan Morrison, it's Ozzie Guillen.

How does Ozzie feel about his time in Chicago?

"Awesome. No complaints. Yes it was, even the tough times," Guillen said. "I like to compete. I like to be criticized. I like to be second-guessed. I like that because it makes me a better manager, a better person. When you're not getting criticized in this game, that means nobody cares about you. I don't have many regrets. Satisfaction, a lot. Up and downs, yes, like everybody else did."

Other than the World Series, Guillen's biggest victory was predicting that he would last longer in Chicago than writer Jay Mariotti, who he had numerous fights with over the years

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