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CHARGED Spotlight Games Week 3

by Photo of Tommy Dee

After a 2-1 showing last week, here are our picks for Week 3

CHARGED Spotlight Games Week 3

Game 1: San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals

The Line: Bengals -1.5

The Skinny: Both teams are coming off very hard-fought Week 2 losses, but to me it's going to be very hard for the 49ers to overcome a brutal loss to the Cowboys. The Niners have the chance to be a good, young team and it will speak volumes about their young coach Jim Harbaugh if they can bounce back with a win on the road verses the 1-1 Bengals. 

The Pick: I like Harbaugh. Take the 49ers.

Game 2: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

The Line: Bears +3.5

The Skinny:  Just when you thought the Bears were ready to take flight in the NFC after an impressive Week 1 win, they run into a buzz saw in New Orleans. They have had to deal with team tragedy, as well as internal strife caused by the same issue over and over. Keeping Jay Cutler upright. 

Meanwhile, the Packers have shown weakness defensively, but are close to running on all cylinders with the ball. 

The Pick: That half point makes me hesitate, but there's too much going on in the Bears locker room. Give the points, take the Pack. 

Game 3: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

The Line: Vikings + 2.5

The Skinny:  Staying in the NFC North, I'm a big proponent of momentum caused by solid chemistry, and it would appear that the Lions are on the verge of breaking through to a place they haven't been in quite a while. Top 10 in the NFL. A good, solid road win in division would go a long way for team moral and confidence. 

On the other side, you have AP, who can win a game by himself, and a desperate Vikings group that could free fall if they lose this game. They will be desperate. 

The Pick: While I usually side with desperation, there's something about these Lions. Lay the points and take the Lions.

Last Week: 2-1

Season- 4-2 

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